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Lunà DOC Moscato

Lunà DOC Moscato Valle Erro Winery
    Denominazione di Origine Controllata
Quality classification:   DOC
Type:   Sweet White Wine.
Alcohol:   5,5°.
Grape Varietes:   Moscato.
Features:   Obtained by an accurate vinification of Moscato selected grapes, cultivated on sweet hills. Typical aromatic taste, with a fine and persistent bouquet, which reminds the grape from which it comes.
Food Combinations:   It is suitable for desserts, sweets and fruit.
Excellent in any occasions.
Serving temperature 6°-8°C
Packaging:   Elegant Champagne Bottle.

Altipiani Moscato Spumante

Altipiani Moscato Spumante Valle Erro Winery
Type:   Sweet Spumante white wine.
Alcohol:   7°.
Grape Varietes:   Moscato.
Features:   Sweet fragrant Spumante Wine, with a moderate alcohol percentage, obtained by an accurate selection of moscato grapes. The soft pressing of the grapes allows to keep unchanged the wonderful features of Moscato grape. It is characterized by sweetness, persistent aromas and a pleasant foam.
The typical yellow colour is remarked by a fine and persistent perlage.
Packaging:   Elegant Champagne Bottle.

Lunà DOC Brachetto Spumante

Lunà DOC Brachetto Spumante Valle Erro Winery
    Denominazione di Origine Controllata
Quality classification:   DOC
Type:   Aromatic Red Spumante Wine.
Alcohol:   6,5°.
Grape Varietes:   Brachetto.
Features:   From one of the oldest Piedmontese Vineyards, this wine is produced by an accurate process of grapes. This excellent red spumante wine with has a fruity pleasant taste.
Food combinations:   The slightly musky scent, together with a delicate compendium of flowers and the persistent perlage, express a modern and elegant spumante. It has to be served moderately fresh with desserts and all traditional pastry. Excellent to propose as aperitif.
Packaging:   Elegant Champagne Bottle.
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