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Piemonte Cortese DOC

Piemonte Cortese DOC Valle Erro Winery
    Denominazione di Origine Controllata
Quality Classification:   DOC
Type:   Young White Wine.
Alcohol:   11°.
Grapes Varietes:   Cortese.
Bottle:   cl 75.
Packaging:   12 bottles per box.
Features:   Young white wine with green highlights.
Very delicate intense scent typical of the vine by which it is produced. The taste is dry with a pleasant acidulous note, very fresh and light.
Food Combinations:   It well goes with light appetizers and fish.
Serving temperature 10°C .


Gavi DOCG Selezione Vecchie Contrade Valle Erro
    Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita
Quality Classification:   DOCG
Type:   Still White Wine.
Alcohol:   12°.
Grape Varietes:   Cortese.
Bottle:   cl 75.
Features:   A yellow with green highlights wine.
A very delicate intense and typical scent, which reminds to bitter almond, with very fruity notes, hazelnut.
The taste is dry, with the right and harmonic acidity, very balanced between the olfactory and gustatory sensations.
Food Combinations:   Excellent as aperitif and it can accompany appetizers, light first courses, any fish recipes, in particular crustaceans. Excellent with not spicy cheese. Serving temperature 10°C.
Packaging:   Old Elegant Bordolese Bottle. 12 Bottles per box.

Chardonnay Frizzante Premier Amour

Chardonnay Frizzante Premier Amour Valle Erro
Type:   Natural Sparkling White Wine.
Alcohol:   11,5°.
Grape Varietes:   Chardonnay.
Bottles:   Available in 75 cl bottles.
Packaging:   12 Bottles per box.
Features:   Originating from prized chardonnay grapes is a natural sparkling wine par excellence, with a distinct personality particularly fragrant. Elegantly accompanies fish dishes, and is pleasing as an aperitif. Be consumed young and serve very fresh.

Altipiani Spumante Pinot-Chardonnay Brut

Altipiani Spumante Pinot-Chardonnay Brut Valle Erro Winery
Type:   Brut Spumante Wine.
Alcohol:   12°.
Grape Varietes:   Pinot-Chardonnay.
Bottles:   cl 75.
Features:   Obtained by an accurate white grapes selection, it is an excellent brut Spumante.
Food Combinations:   Due to its delicate bouquet, the dry flavor, it is successfully suitable for any important recipe.
Serving temperature 6°-8°C.
Packaging:   Elegant Champagne Bottle. 6 Bottles per box.

Pregio Bianco Table Wine

Pregio Bianco Vino da Tavola Valle Erro Winery
Type:   White Wine.
Alcohol:   12°.
Bottle:   Available in 75 cl and 150 cl bottles.
Features:   Light yellow with green highlights wine.
Very delicate but intense scent.
Dry taste with the right harmonic acidity. Slightly sparkling.
Food Combinations:   Excellent aperitif and to accompany appetizers, light first courses and any fish recipe.
Serving temperature 8-10°C
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