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Valle Erro winery was founded in the first part of the 60’s by an idea of Lorenzo Malfatti, who could enlarge and transform the activity, obtaining more and more approvals by the consumers.

Valle Erro Winery today is leaded by Lorenzo’s sons Marco and Roberto Malfatti, who work with love and professionalism to continue their parents’ job, combining the experience to the young enthusiasm.

The new cellar, created thanks to Lorenzo Malfatti’s hard work and his business skills, has been designed and built with large roomy places, Valle Erro Winery - Piedmontese Wines - Cartosio (AL)modern equipments, which could ensure the best quality results.

Great attention is paid to products care and quality, by an accurate selection and a severe control in all processing phases.

Great attention is paid to Dolcetto, whose vine has very old origins in the agricultural tradition of the village. It’s a red very typical and very fine wine, which well goes with cheese and local cuisine recipes.

Malfatti Family, invites at the Valle Erro winery to taste the wines in a friendly environment.


Marco e Roberto Malfatti Winery

Diciannove Settembre - Dolcetto of Cartosio - Valle Erro Winery

The Dolcetto di Cartosio harvest

The Dolcetto grapes of this wine come from vineyards located in Cartosio area, a place where nature, in harmony with man’s job, creates wonderful fruits without changing the scents, the flavors and the colours. The maximum grapes production per hectare is 80 q. ValleErro Winery - Piedmontese Wines - Cartosio (AL)
The grapes harvest is made in September , by hand and it is severely selective.
The Dolcetto vinification is made in purity by stainless steel fermentation at a controlled temperature to extract the inimitable scents of the land, followed by an aging period in oak barrels. Then, once reached the full maturity, it is bottled in August. The wine scent is elegant, complex and persistent, with a large and well balanced taste. Sapid and well structured wine. This wine is dedicated to the company founder, born in Cartosio on 19th September 1932 and it is deeply inspired to his family’s story and linked to the local traditions. Dolcetto di Cartosio is a return to simple and genuineness which has nothing artificial. We wish that tasting a bottle of our wine produced with love and passion, could help you to share the most important moments in your life rediscovering the missed values.

Valle Erro Winery - Piedmontese Wines - Cartosio (AL)


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